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(Pharma Franchise Company in India)

Pharma Franchise Company in Dehradun - Incuity Pharma is a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry known for innovative and high-quality products that it brings to the market at affordable prices. We are committed to providing quality health care products by developing, producing and marketing products that meet all specifications and stand out with excellent efficacy and safety. Check our PCD Pharma Price list.

We believe in healing and hence come up with standard healthcare solutions , Monopoly Pharma franchise & PCD Pharma Franchise at affordable prices. And hence, we take all measures and decisions starting from the product composition to its finally reaching the consumer stage with sheer care and concern for the well-being of patients, of the community, the nation and the human race.

Production of the products coming under our brand is carried out at WHO-GMP certified plants that assure us that we are delivering the best products to the healthcare industry. On the other side, it is an assurance to the prescriber and the patient also that they will be healed. For maintaining batch to batch consistency, we conduct various kinds of testing at all stages of production before the finished product is ready to be marketed. Besides high-quality in safety and efficacy, we strive to make our products look attractive, have agreeable taste and can increase patient compliance.


Our mission is to be the best connecting link between the doctors and the patients by providing them with medicines they can rely on at affordable prices. Reducing the cost of treatments and making high-quality products accessible to all in need is our driving force and we constantly and consistently work in the direction of achieving the same.


We aspire to be a global company that works for healthier and happier humanity.


We value contribution at individual levels that together come as collaborative teamwork. We believe that the best outcomes are delivered when each member does his/her best. To keep up the spirit of working together towards a common objective, we hire and retain the industry’s best talent at all levels.

Strategic Priorities

Our sole focus is to serve mankind with quality healthcare products. And we strive to bring them in the best possible formulations, viz. tablets, capsules (hard gel, soft gel), syrups, dry syrups, injectable, powders, ointments, sprays and more. We come up with better ways of administering medicines to increase their compliance without interfering with their efficacies. Our portfolio has a multidimensional array of medicines spanning different segments of the healthcare industry, antibiotics, analgesics, gastrointestinal products, gynaecologic range, cardiovascular and diabetic products, neurological and neuropsychiatry products, paediatric range, dermatological products, antivirals, antifungals, orthopaedic, dental products and more. We keep on adding new formulations under our roof. Besides medicinal products, we have nutraceutical formulations to meet up the body’s deficiency and enhance the natural immune system and even herbal range embed with natural healing properties.

Director’s message

I am delighted with the trust that healthcare professionals have placed in our firm, Incuity and I assure them of the Incuity team bringing the best medicines in the market at affordable prices. We as a team recognize every member’s effort in the emergence of Incuity as a trusted name in the industry.

Our biggest strength is our people who work tirelessly and have developed a culture of collaboration, honesty, sincere and hard work, responsibility and determined approach. I take immense pleasure to work with a responsible team and would like to thank each member for the outstanding jobs they have been doing from the first day...read more

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